Misprints, comments and extensions of the first edition (2004) of “Gravity and Strings”

Tomás Ortín

September 26, 2012

Please, send any misprints you observe, or any comments you have to the author at Tomas.Ortin [at] csic.es

I  Introduction to Gravity and Supergravity
1 Differential Geometry
2 Noether’s Theorems
3 A Perturbative Introduction to GR
4 Action Principles for Gravity
5 N = 1, 2,d = 4 Supergravities
6 Conserved Charges in GR
II  Gravitating Point-Particles
7 The Schwarzschild Black Hole
8 The Reissner-Nordström BH
9 The Taub-NUT Solution
10 Gravitational pp-Waves
11 The Kaluza-Klein Black Hole
12 Dilaton and Dilaton/Axion BHs
13 Unbroken Supersymmetry
III  Gravitating Extended Objects of String Theory
14 String Theory
15 The String Effective Action and T Duality
16 From Eleven to Four Dimensions
17 The Type IIB Superstring and Type II T Duality
18 Extended Objects
19 The Extended Objects of String Theory
20 General p-brane solutions
21 String Black Holes in Four and Five Dimensions
A Lie Groups, Symmetric Spaces and Yang-Mills Fields
B Gamma Matrices and Spinors
C n-Spheres
D Palatini’s Identity
E Conformal Rescalings
F Connections and Curvature Components
G The Harmonic Operator on 3 × S1