XXVII Spanish Relativity Meeting

Accommodation in La Cristalera

There are 41 rooms in the residence hall La Cristalera, where 63 participants can be accommodated. However, some of the rooms are reserved for the invited speakers and the organising committee, so, as there will be probably more than 60 participants, you may find or not an available room in La Cristalera. Due to this limited number of rooms in the residence and the fact that we believe that there will be enough people to fill completely La Cristalera during the event, there will be reservations only for the whole meeting. The final accommodation price per participant is:

Single room
270.75 €
Double room (per person)
240.75 €

The price includes all meals and accommodation from afternoon 22nd to morning 25th. The payment for the accommodation will be done together with the registration fee.

Apart from La Cristalera, there are various hotels in the nearby mountain town of Mirasierra. If you are interested in findind accommodation in Miraflores village or, even, in Madrid city, click the houses...